Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grey, but not invisible

Blazer, skirt - H&M
Blouse - Vila
Necklace - Seppala
Gold bangel (became silver) - Lindex
Boots, socks - second-hand

Good evening, my darlings! So yesterday I did kind of small makeover for my room. I decided to move furniture to other places. Honestly, I was sick of my room, but now I fall in love again! Well,  the positions of furnitures make room smaller, but it's became much more cozier! Hope these changes will make my life even more happier.

Burn delicious scented candle and enjoy your fabulous room!

Song for a good atmosphere:

Take care,
xx, Symba. :)


  1. your beautiful! Cute outfit and great blog!
    xo jess

    1. It's nice to hear from you so wonderful words. Thank you! :)